Tracking originator record of a record created by duplicating action

September 30, 2015 RobertoG.Palma

How would you find out what is the source record information from a duplicated record in Maximo ?


Correct, Maximo does not offer that specific functionality in the current versions yet, however, you can achieve that by using the existing configuration resources.


When you duplicate a record, the new record is just that, a 'new' record.


When this action is performed, some of the field are intentionally wiped from Maximo.


In the meantime, a workaround that can you with that is to use the  Database Configuration Application to work on a new object definition menu called 'Exclude Attribute Data'. 


You can specify the attributes that you do not want included in your new object during the duplication process.


This way you can control what record could be the source record of a specific duplicated data created from duplicate action, including information from the source record, where you can view information retained in the new duplicated record, using even a SQL tool for that.


Enjoy ;-)

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