Scheduler 7.5.2 now has "Manage Commit Access" capability

October 11, 2015 MayOn

Did you know that "Manage Commit Access" has been added Scheduler 7.5.2 due to popular demand?  Multiple authorized planners can now work on the same scheduler to making the planning process more efficient.

This enhancement is included in TPAE Interim Fix 010 and higher IFIX build.  Also, it will be available in the upcoming TPAE

Below is a test case for this feauture:

1. Log in as user MAXADMIN, created a schedule.
Go to the Select Action menu, select the 'Manage Commit Access' option.


NOTE: the "Manage Commit Access" action is available only for the owner of the schedule project. People/Groups can get "commit" privilege from the owner of the project, they cannot delegate this privilege to others.

Confirm that this dialog box is empty i.e. no person , no group.

2. Log in as user ADAMS (with full access to Scheduler application).
Bring up the schedule created by MAXADMIN.
Made some changes (e.g. increased duration and moved it to another day).
Click Commit Changes icon on the toolbar.

You will get this message: "BMXAT0199E - Only the owner MAXADMIN has permission to commit this schedule".

3. Log in as MAXADMIN again, bring up the same schedule.
Go to Select Action menu, select the "Manage Commit Access" option.
Click New Row.
Enter Adams (or add Adams's person group).
Add a new person or person group.
For example: ADAMS


4. Log in as user ADAMS.
Try to make some modification to the same schedule and hit the "Commit Changes" icon on the toolbar.



The "BMXAT0125I - Project data has been successfully committed" message comes up.


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