Is there a newer version of the Maximo Interim Fix I'm about to apply?

October 18, 2015 Eric_LeGuennec

Ever wondered if the Interim Fix you were sent for a specific APAR a while back and that you didn't get the chance to apply on your Maximo environment, is still up-to-date? Since those are cumulative, it might be worth applying the latest version and therefore include the more recent APAR fixes delivered for that specific fixpack level.

You might therefore want to check out the "Maximo Interim Fixes" blog on IBM DeveloperWorks:

You can find the latest Interim Fixes that were delivered for your release and fixpack level of Maximo Asset Management 7.x and any Industry Solutions you have installed on it.

Every post includes a link that takes you directly to the relevant URL on IBM Fix Central where a download is only a click away.

By following this blog, you can stay informed about the regular releases of Interim Fixes for the IBM Maximo Asset Management software product and its related Industry Solutions.

No more wondering how up-to-date you are with your Maximo maintenance!

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