BiLog: Can you Wait? Maximo KPI Viewer

October 19, 2015 PamDenny

I can't wait....  
    At the Department of Motor Vehicles (Three hours to swap a license plate?)
    At the Dentist (The thought of impending agony and drool)

    At the Coffee Shop  (For those  beignets!)

Can you wait...for your Maximo Start Center to load?    

If you or your users follow the three second rule having a Start Center packed full of KPIs can impact the load time of that page.   Starting in Maximo 76the new KPI Viewer application provides an alternate method for your users to view and act on your organizations Key Performance Indicators.   By granting your end users access to this application, your users can 

    - Immediately see the status of the KPIs they have security access to.  
    - Access the long description of these KPIs to review how they are calculated and how     they daily business tasks impact performance
    - View trending information to view KPI performance improvement and     degradation.   
    -Input and view information in individual KPI communication logs to  


















Using the new KPI Viewer application enables you to 
    - Relocate a subset or all of your KPIs from the Start Center 
    - Improve your Start Center Load Time
    - Provide more KPI information and performance trends to your users

You can view how you can utilize the new KPI Viewer application in this YouTube Video

Additionally, these videos on the enhanced KPI Manager application and the new KPI Template application highlight exciting new features of these new and updated Maximo 76 applications. 

Can't wait to upgrade to Maximo 76!

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