Why are my Oracle sessions INACTIVE?

October 28, 2015 KJL

Hello Oracle users!


Have you ever looked at the view v$session to see how many Maximo sessions are open for your application? 

And then wonder why they all display as INACTIVE?


(You will need DBA privilege or read privilege on the view v$session to select the results.)


This SQL statement can be run to view the open sessions for the MAXIMO schema.


select sid, status, machine, program, username, logon_time, last_call_et
from v$session                                 
where schemaname = 'MAXIMO';


This is how one of the records will appear.


  21 INACTIVE   JDBC Thin Client    MAXEAM    MAXIMO            28-oct-2015 18:03                         3 


You will see that all (or almost all) of the sessions are INACTIVE!

This is how Oracle works.  The only sessions which will have a status of ACTIVE are those which are using the CPU to execute a SQL statement.

If you are merely connected to Oracle, your session will be INACTIVE.


Hope that helps!


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