Hello, Is there anyone out there??

January 15, 2016 ColbornC

No, this is not Lionel Richie or Adele, It's just me wondering if anyone out there will read this and help me. I often write blogs sharing information and wonder to myself? "Am touching on topics people really want to read about?". So I thought I would do something different before I started my blogs for this year, I want to know, what do you want to read about? Can you share with me what you would like to get more information on when it comes to Maximo, which application may be new to you that you want to understand better? New to PO's and looking for some tips? Need help with assets, work order, Gl's? Let's start a conversation and see if I can help you with the big picture, the concept of some of the things you are trying to accomplish in 2016. Just leave your questions in the comments section below..I'll also see if anyone is reading this as well..."Hello, Is it me your looking for" (I prefer the Lionel Richie Hello). 

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Invalid Binding error in Attachment dialog for Offering Catalog

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