BiLog: Maximo and Watson - Life Changing Data Analysis Experience!!

February 9, 2016 PamDenny

Are you ready for a life-changing, breath-taking, mind blowing  data analysis experience???


We are and it is FABULOUS!  The perfect combination of IBM's Maximo Asset Management and Watson Analytics!

Watson provides user-friendly, advanced, collaborative tools to analyze exported Maximo .csv files.   As a cloud-based offering, no complex installations or integrations are required.  Additionally, you can utilize it in ANY Maximo or Industry Solution offering.


Find out more about Watson thru.....

1.  Demo Recordings
 Watch Liz, a fictional data analyst at a global manufacturing corporation, use Watson Analytics to explore Asset Downtime.   She'll begin by simply importing a Maximo .csv file into Watson and have Watson guide her thru various data explorations and analytic views.

She then creates an InfoGraphic Dashboard of her explorations and analytic charts to share with her peer and management team.   INCREDIBLE! 




2.  Interconnect 2016
Stop by the Innovation Pedestal in Maximo's Solution Expo at InterConnect to see live demonstrations of Watson.   Or check out the Maximo BI Presentation (Session 1719) Monday at Noon for details and demos of Watson.   We'll also review all the Maximo BI Options - and determining which tool to use when.


3.  Big Data University
Sign up to learn more about Watson in this FREE, online, 2 hour course.  


4.  YOUR OWN Watson account
Try Watson for!   Simply access this url to begin exploring your Maximo data now! Repeat - It's FREE and it's FABULOUS!


Maximo and Watson - A life-changing, breath-taking, mind boggling  data analysis experience!  You will never look at your Maximo data the same way....

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