Maximo with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

February 24, 2016 RichardLesses

According to our latest Product Configuration Matrix, Maximo 7.6 adds supports Google Chrome 37, and Maximo supports Microsoft's new Edge browser, in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


These support statements require some clarification.


To use Maximo applications that use applets (for example, Scheduler or Workflow Designer), you have to install a JRE or JDK, and enable the Java applet in your browser. This is usually done by downloading the JRE from Oracle and installing it. Depending on your browser security setting, you may have to enable the Java applet in browser settings. In addition, when you launch a Maximo application that uses a Java applet, you will be presented with a dialog (examples from Firefox ESR 38.6.1):




You can check the do not show this again button and click Run. You will then see another dialog:



Again, you can check the do not show again checkbox and click the Allow button, and the applet will run.




Google Chrome 37, which is supported for Maximo 7.6, allows Java applets to be run. However, beginning with Chrome version 45, released in September 2015, Chrome eliminated support for NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface), the cross-browser application program interface (API) for plugins. This has an impact on plugins for Microsoft Silverlight, Oracle Java, Facebook Video and other similar NPAPI-based plugins.



Maximo using Google Chrome 47 in Graphical Scheduler


Similarly, Microsoft's new Edge browser, which shipped with Windows 10, does not support plug-ins, including Java applets.



Maximo using Microsoft Edge in Graphical Scheduler


What does this means for users with the latest version of Chrome or Edge when they log into Maximo? It means that, while you can use Edge or Chrome to log into Maximo,  you cannot use applications or application features that use java applets: Workflow Designer and Scheduler, the Direct Print function of Printing, Attach Image in Attached Documents, and the Asset Topology Viewer in Assets.


If you need to use those applications or features, you must use a Java-enabled browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, or an older version of Google Chrome..

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