User passwords in email communications

March 16, 2016 RobertoG.Palma

Maximo users have the ability to change password or reset it, where Maximo will send you an email notification with the password info for the user.


However, some people have asked for a way to provide a notification that goes out to new users after their User account has been created that includes both their
Username and Password.  


In the Communication Template you are able to include the username, but when you try to reference the user's password, it shows up as empty in the message.


So, is there a way to include the password in the communication template to email users their credentials when their account is first created ?


Actually there is no standard functionality in the main Maximo product which would allow this kind of operation, since the passwords are encrypted in the database, and even if you were able to include the password attribute value in an email notification, the information would be encrypted.


If this was possible in the standard Maximo processes, it would be considered some violation to the security policy and rules, since any user would be able to receive password info from other users.



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