Cloning Maximo/ICD 7.6 is not supported

March 31, 2016 Fernando Corcuera

It has been more than a month since I wrote my last blog. In the previous versions of Maximo like Maximo 7.5, there is documentation to clone an environment. You can try to clone a Maximo 7.5 environment, and it can work without issues. However if you encounter errors that are impossible to fix with the cloning process and/or other component installs into this environment, you may need to do the 'original' installs on the new administrative workstation.


In Maximo and/or ICD 7.6, cloning of an environment is officially not supported. Maximo 7.6 has a different setup than Maximo 7.5. For one, the installation is different, because Maximo 7.6 is installed through the IBM Installation Manager. It is configured using Tivoli's Process Automation Engine Configuration Program. Another consideration is that Deployment Engine is not used in this latest version of Maximo.


For your information, you can install more than one TPAE product in a single installation on an administrative workstation (e.g. Install both Maximo 7.6 and ICD 7.6). In this way, the process of creating an environment with multiple TPAE products is easier and will take lesser time with comparison to installing TPAE products one at a time. Below is a screenshot that shows an example of what I just described:


















Well, that's it for my blog entry. I just want to inform everyone that will read that cloning the latest version of Maximo is not supported. If you need to make an identical environment to your existing 7.6 environment, do the same original installations in the new administrative workstation. If you need to move data from one environment to another, take a back up of the source database and then refresh it to the target database. I hope this information helps you!

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