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April 20, 2016 PamDenny



I've fallen madly in love...with our fabulous friend Watson 

Watson is everything I could wish for... Insightful.  Visual.  Engaging.  Exciting.   And so easy to use!

Liz also loves Watson.  As shown hereLiz can explore Maximo downtime data in Watson.  Watson enables her to identify key influencers of Asset Downtime.  Wow.  Knowing this - proactive measures to minimize downtime in the future can be taken.




You can join us and get started in exploring your Maximo data in Watson now!   To start - bring your Maximo data into Watson in either a .csv file or via a direct connection to your Maximo database.  

Maximo provides multiple ways to create a csv file including

    1.  Query by Example (QBE) or Data Download.  Available from any application's list tab, the export button applies your current query to create a csv file of your list tab fields.  

    2.  Application Exporting.  Also available within your applications, this feature also applies your current query to create a csv file - but it includes a much greater list of fields defined in an     Integration Object Structure.

    3.  Result Sets.   New in 7604, you can directly export your configured fields from a Result Set on a Start Center to a csv file.  Yea!  (Looking for a reason to upgrade....this is it!)     

    4.  Query Based reporting (QBR) or Maximo Ad Hoc Reporting.   After defining the content you want to display, you can quickly export content to csv or xls files to import into Watson.
    5.  BIRT Reports.  Similar to QBR reporting, predefined content within a BIRT report can quickly be exported to csv or xls files.

    6.  Cognos reports.  Utilizing the exciting new Cognos license entitlement in Maximo 76, you can also quickly export Cognos report content to xls files for use in Watson.



Remember you can sign up now for your own Watson account.   Simply access this url to begin exploring your Maximo data now! 
And it gets even better.   Big Data University offers a FREE, online, 2 hour course on using Watson Analytics. 

Now you're Ready.    

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