Maximo : Installing Standalone Help

June 30, 2016 RichardLesses

Maximo Asset Management Feature Pack changed the way Maximo help works. Instead of building and deploying the MAXIMOIEHS ear file to the MAXIMOIEHS  Enterprise application, Maximo now points help to




In System Properties, there are is new default values pointing to where Help is:

Property Name Pre-Maximo Default Value Maximo Default Value,welcome.html,welcome.html /help/ /support/knowledgecenter/ 80 80 http http* 0 1,mbs_common/c_advanced_search_tips.html,mbs_common/c_advanced_search_tips.html

Please look at Shane's excellent post on changing which version of Maximo it points to on it points to, as Help for is currently English only. *The property was added in Maximo This means that, in Maximo, you can change from 0 to 1, to, to /support/knowledgecenter/ and to port 80. After you save and apply Live Refresh, Clicking on help links will be redirected to Maximo help.

If your environment does not allow Maximo users to access the Internet, you can download help packages from Fix Central that contain the same documentation packages that are available online in IBM® Knowledge Center. You add the help packages and configuration files to a local installation of IBM Knowledge Center.

See Installing IBM Knowledge Center and help packages for Maximo Asset Management products. Listed below are packages for Knowledge Center, and help packages. Multilingual help packages and Additional Industry Solution packages will be released in the future.


IBM Knowledge Center installers

IBM Knowledge Center 1.5 Linux 64-bit:
IBM Knowledge Center 1.5 AIX 64-bit:
IBM Knowledge Center 1.5 Win64:


Add-On and Industry Solution Product-specific help

Maximo Asset Management

Maximo Asset Management Multitenancy

Search for Add-On/Industry Solution help packages under their product names

Maximo for Aviation 7.6.2: 7.6.2-TIV-MAVMKCEN-FP0001

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager 7.6.2 7.6.2-TIV-ACMKCEN-FP0001

Maximo Asset Management Scheduler 7.6.3 7.6.3-TIV-MSCKCEN-FP0001

Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.2 7.6.2-TIV-SPRKCEN-FP0001

Maximo for Transportation 7.6.2 7.6.2-TIV-TRNKCEN-FP0001


Installing Stand-alone Help

Extract the IBM Knowledge Center package to the location where you want to install it. The default installation location is C:\KnowledgeCenter. If you install IBM Knowledge Center to a different location, you must update the path value in the file for each help package that you install.

imageExtract a help package to a temporary location. The extracted files include one or more plugin folders, a properties file and a taxonomy file.

Copy all plugin folders from the help package to the install_home/KnowledgeCenter/usr/content/KCXhtml directory.


Copy the properties file to the configuration directory, for example to install_home/KnowledgeCenter/usr/conf/ Open the properties file in a text editor and update the path value, if necessary, to point to the installed location. For example, change the value of the Path property from C:/KnowledgeCenter/usr/content/KCXhtml to E:/IBM/SMP/KnowledgeCenter/usr/content/KCXhtml, where IBM Knowledge Center is installed at E:/IBM/SMP/KnowledgeCenter.



Replace the install_home/KnowledgeCenter/usr/taxonomy/KC_taxonomy.ditamap with the version of the KC_taxonomy.ditamap file that is included in the help package.


From a command prompt or terminal window in the install_home/KnowledgeCenter/bin directory, run startKC.bat or to start IBM Knowledge Center.


In a browser, open http://install_home:9090/kc to view the product help.

To redirect the application help links to point to your local installation of IBM Knowledge Center, in the System Properties application, filter for properties. In the following table, the application server is at, and the Maximo application server is running on port 9082.


Property Name,welcome.html /kc/ 9082 http 1,mbs_common/c_advanced_search_tips.html

Save the changes and click Live Refresh to update the values in the product database.

To stop IBM Knowledge Center, in the install_home/KnowledgeCenter/bin directory, run stopKC.bat or

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