BiLog: Maximo Watson 2.0...Changes!

August 5, 2016 PamDenny


I panicked.  I could not find my popcorn.  You know...the best popcorn in the whole wide world.  Salty, sweet, full of crunch and at only 29.15 calories a just begs you to eat the whole bag all at once.
As my stress levels rose in aisle 4 of my local supermarket, I lunged at the nearest stock boy and begged him to help me find the soul food of my existence.  He casually rolled his eyes behind his head...and nonchalantly pointed to the center of the aisle.... directly in front of me.  
My popcorn had changed!  The color of its bag changed from neon orange to blue!  And the font...the comic sans was gone!  But it was still the same inside.
My friend Watson has changed too.

His colors are different..  His features have moved and changed names.
In his earlier Watson 1.0 version – there were applications of Refine, Explore, Predict and Assemble.
In his new Watson 2.0 version – he streamlined himself to Data, Discover and Display.  
      Data enables the ability to import data, review its quality and refine it thru sorting, grouping and calculations.
      Discover combines the 1.0 features of Explore and Predict – in uncovering data influencers and unknown relationships thru its natural language processing and predictive features.
      Display brings everything together with dashboards and infographics to share with others.
Watson 2.0 is different....But my friend Watson is better than ever!
See Watson 2.0 in this new video which compares the prior Watson version to the new. 

Or review any of his features in the Maximo Watson YouTube Play list

And finally, jump in!  Sign in for your own Watson account and begin exploring your Maximo!

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