Numbered bullets do not increment correctly in BIRT 3.7.1 Report Viewer

August 15, 2016 NKKhan

Numbered lists in Birt reports do not in sync with Maximo Birt report output when working with a Maximo UI record that has a rtf formatted Long Description.
Unfortunately,  this cannot be resolved at IBM, as the issue is directly caused by BIRT, not Maximo code.


This is logged as a Bug at the Birt Eclipse sit for version 3.7.1 and still remains at Status: OPEN since 2013.

Bug 422063 - Numbered bullets do not increment correctly

You may sign up to a Bugzilla account and add your vote for this.


Create a rtf formatted longdescription, i.e. in Job Plans, like this:


  1. Ordered List first line
    • sublist
  2. Ordered List second line


Use the buttons for „Numbered List“, „Bullet List“ and „Indent“ to format text

Run a report which displays this longdescription, i.e. Job Plan Details:

The numbering differs between Maximo and Birt.

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