Troubleshooting Tririga record updates not updating in Maximo via the IBM Maximo Tririga Integrator

September 8, 2016 jslong

In order for the Maximo Tririga Integrator to work properly and have updates done in Tririga be updated in Maximo a Maximo System Property must be set.  This property name is, "".

More information on this Maximo system property can be found here:


To set the system property, you can follow the steps below:

1. From the Go To icon Go To menu on the Navigation Toolbar, select System Configuration > Platform Configuration > System Properties.

2. On the System Properties window, search for the system property that you want to modify (Property Name:  To search, open the Filter and type the property name in the filter field in the Property Name column. Then press Enter.

3. Click View Details View Details icon next to the property name to display the Global Properties Details section of the window.

4. Enter the property value in the Global Value field (If this is a 0, this is why your integration form Tririga to Maximo is not working, set it to a 1.).

5. Click the Save button.

6. Select the checkbox next to the property that you just modified.

7. Select the Live Refresh action.

8. Click OK.


Once this update is complete, test your Maximo Tririga integration to make sure updates now work as they should.  If they do not, please contact support.

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