BMXAA4295E and BMXAA8261E while trying to change SR Status back to INPROG

October 11, 2016 AliceDegawa

Steps to replicate:

      1. Go to the Service Requests application.                                            
      2. Create a new SR and save it.                                                   
      3. Take Ownership (the SR Status is changed to QUEUED).                           
      4. Change the SR Status to RESOLVED.                                              
      5. Try to change the SR Status back to IN PROGRESS.                               
      At this point, system throws the error below:                                    
      BMXAA4295E - Could not change ticket xxxx status to INPROG.                     
      BMXAA8261E - The Actual/Target finish date must be greater than the Actual/Target start date.


Resolving the problem:

     The workaround is:

     1. Clear the Actual Finish field.

     2. Save the SR.

     3. Change the SR Status back to IN PROGRESS.


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