BMXAA4049E - The value specified exceeds the maximum field length

August 11, 2017 AliceDegawa

Error in Preventive Maintenance application while trying to run Forecast Generation in the background.


Steps to replicate:

1. Go to Preventive Maintenance application.

2. Select 150+ PM records.

3. From More Actions, click on Generate Forecast.

4. From Generate Forecast dialog, enter the following and click OK:
Forecast For (Days) = 90
Run Forecast Generation in the Background? = Yes

At this point, system throws the message "BMXAA4049E - The value specified exceeds the maximum field length that is allowed for this attribute: Value = (siteid= 'XXXX' and pmnum= 'XXXX1' ) or (siteid= 'XXXX' and pmnum= 'XXXX2' )..., Object Name=MAXASYNCJOB, Attribute Name=WHERECLAUSE, Maximum Length=4,000.".

This happens when too many records are selected.  The system throws the BMXAA4049E message in order to prevent performance issues.

Resolving the problem:
The recommended solution is to generate the PM Forecast using PMForecastCronTask.

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