App Autoscaler graduates to a foundation project: Learn more at Cloud Foundry Summit 2019

March 27, 2019 devadvin

Since the last Cloud Foundry Summit, we are pleased to announce that App Autoscaler graduated from a Cloud Foundry incubation project and has moved to a new repository as one of the formal Cloud Foundry foundation projects. If you are attending the April 2-4 Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2019 , come to some of our sessions to learn more about App Autoscaler, new developments such as a user interface integration with Stratos, and discussions about future features like “scale down to zero”.

What is App Autoscaler?

The App Autoscaler is a Cloud Foundry extension project that automatically scales Cloud Foundry applications based on load. App Autoscaler addresses common concerns about keeping your application healthy no matter how the workload changes, and paying for just the instances that you need.

This open source project was started as a Cloud Foundry incubation project based on IBM’s code donation two years ago. Core committers are from IBM, SAP, and Fujitsu, globally located in Australia, India, United States, and China. It recently graduated from the Cloud Foundry incubator and moved to cloudfoundry/app-autoscaler as a formal Cloud Foundry foundation project.

What can I learn from the talks at the Cloud Foundry Summit?

We have two sessions about the App Autoscaler project at the Cloud Foundry Summit North America.

Where can I get the schedule?

You can get the schedule for these sessions by searching with the autoscaler keyword.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Philadelphia this April!

The App Autoscaler project team:

  • Bo Yang, Yang Qi, Ying Liu, Jiao Zhang, IBM
  • Pradyut Sarma, Tanmoy Pal, Rohit Sharma, SAP

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