BiLog: How do I get those....New Maximo Work Centers?

May 10, 2017 PamDenny



Ohhhh….how do I get those?   Not the delectable slices of grilled banana bread, or the insanely addicting bags of popcorn, but the new Maximo Work Centers!


The work centers were introduced with Maximo, and have a feature set that has been steadily increasing with the Maximo Continuous deliver model.   These work centers provide a central location for users to view, act on and analyze a variety of Maximo actions and information!!!  Regardless of the device you are on….laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone!   Fantastic!!


The work centers are available and deployed by default - within your Maximo environment – and included at no additional charge!


The difference in how you access them.   Maximo is accessed via a url like 




And the new Maximo Work Centers are accessed via a slight variation to the url to include -x



This occurs as the Work Centers are based on new technology including Google Polymer and HTML5.  With this technology, the Maximo user accesses Maximo thru the Rest API layer instead of the traditional UI Framework as shown below.




To get started on exploring the new work centers, access these resources below


  1.  Maximo Work Center Videos
  2.  Maximo Work Center FAQs
  3.  Maximo Work Center Wiki Pages


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