Bing Map and ability to view Multiple Markers in Wotrack application

April 28, 2017 S.Lsysadm

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The other day I was working with a customer who was having an issue configuring Bing Map and displaying multiple work orders belonging to the same location on the Map Manager.


Map Control has to be added to the Work Order Tracking application, with the ability to view Multiple Markers. Then for example two work orders must be located to the same service address. 

Selecting Bing Map in the MAP manager application should allow both work orders to be visible using the mouseover function on map markers. 


Note: To view a marker on a map the record must have a service address with a Latitude(Y) and Longitude(X) associated to it.  


I have implemented the following steps to show multiple markers on the map.


1. Create a new Service Address in Administration application - For example --> Create a new record "FRANCE" with Latitude = 55.6399880000 / Longitude = 12.5497770000






2. Save changes --> Go to Wotrack--> Create a new record "818963" --> Click on Service Address tab --> Associate the service address created above.  

3. Save changes and create another work order record "818964" --> Click on Service Address tab --> Associate the service address created above --> Save changes.  

4. Setup Work order application in Application designer with ability to view Multiple Markers on a Map in Maximo.  

5. Go to Application Designer --> Wotrack --> Click on Map tab--> Highlight Map section--> Click on Control Properties-  

Data source = results_showlist. 

Width = 100% 

Height = 100% 

Under Tool Items --> Check AssetLocationTool - Check FullScreen and check LayersTool.  






























6. Save changes 

7. Go To Administration --> Map Manager --> Create a new map called "BING" 


Latitude = 55.6399880000  

Longitude = 12.5497770000  

Enable and Save changes.








8. Go to Wotrack --> Filter for both work orders i.e "81896" both records will show up 








9. Click on Workorder = 818963 --> Click on Map tab 


This is the expected behaviour that you should see when you click marker on the Map , Maximo should display two work order records = 818963 and 818964 on the Bing map.







That's all for today, I hope this was informative and helpful.


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