BMXAA3097E - The Person does not exist or is not active

May 11, 2017 AliceDegawa

Problem:  Error in Inventory Usage application while creating a new Inventory Usage record and entering the Storeroom.


Steps to replicate:
1. Go to People application.
2. Create a new Person record.
3. Leave the Person record Status as ACTIVE and save it.
4. Go to Storerooms application.
5. Create a new Storeroom record.
6. In the Inventory Owner field, enter the Person record created above.
7. Save Storeroom.
8. Go to People application.
9. Bring up the Person record in question and change the Status to INACTIVE.
10. Go to Inventory Usage application.
11. Create a new Inventory Usage record.
12. In the "From Storeroom" field, click on Detail Menu icon > Select Value option.
13. From Select Value dialog, select the Storeroom created above.
At this point, system throws the message "BMXAA3097E - The person does not exist or is not active.".

Resolving the problem:
1. Go to Storerooms application.
2. Bring up the Storeroom in question.
3. Remove or replace the Owner with an active Person.
4. Save Storeroom.

Explanation: Only an active Person can be assigned as a Storeroom Inventory Owner. Also the Inventory Owner is not required.

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