Developing supply-chain solutions just got better for developers

October 6, 2019 devadvin

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Over the last few months, IBM has significantly aligned our portfolio to optimize for open development, while better addressing customer needs. Today, we announced the open IBM Sterling supply chain suite, which comes with a developer hub and advocacy support. This announcement is exciting for me because it makes life easier for the developer — both through product enhancements and through our developer offerings.

An open platform for you to build what you need

Traditional supply-chain products keep data and functions within their suite of products. For speed and efficiency in a supply chain, you need end-to-end visibility of data and access to services to innovate and build the intelligent, trusted business networks of the future.

The new IBM Sterling supply chain suite eases the burden on developers by giving greater access to the data and services you need to do your job. Our entire stack is in the open platform, meaning that you can easily extend all applications, business services, and microservices. You can build exactly what you need, with greater access to the underlying technology.

Resources you need to succeed

Helping developers do their jobs better, faster, and more efficiently is at the crux of everything we do through IBM Developer advocacy. The IBM Sterling developer hub gives you access to the code, content, and community you need to succeed on the platform.

In the hub, you will find:

  1. Tutorials, blogs, and articles to help you understand the technology and how to get started
  2. Code patterns that you can extend in your own environment to immediately get started coding
  3. Events, meetups, and workshops where you can meet our developer advocates, ask them your questions, and learn in person

A great day for developers on the supply chain

Our IBM Developer team is excited to support the IBM Sterling supply chain suite through our advocacy and content efforts. Be sure to check out the conversation with Stephen Kenna and Marshall Lamb to learn more. We hope you’ll visit our hub, where you’ll have access to a vast library of knowledge resources to help you build and extend apps, and get started developing your next supply-chain solution.

Willie Tejada

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