From the Maximo Support Desk - Populate the Vendor Field on Job Plan

October 16, 2017 TomRichardson

Here's a good question from a Maximo User... "Is there a way for the Vendor field to populate on the Planned Material rows of a Job Plan?"




The answer is yes, but the item that is selected for the planned material row must be Direct Issue...

In the Job Plans application, Planned Materials can be added on the Job Plan tab, Materials sub-tab. The default behavior when the New Row button is clicked is to display the Vendor field as read-only. If an Item is selected in the Item field for use on the Job Plan, the Vendor field will populate when the both the Direct Issue check-box is checked and the Item has a Default Vendor designated in the Item's Inventory record.




Additionally, the Vendor can be changed to any other valid Vendor as long as the Direct Issue check-box is checked. If the Direct Issue check-box is unchecked, then the expected business process is that any Planned Materials will be requisitioned from a Storeroom in the Site in which the resulting Work Order gets generated.


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