From the Maximo Support Desk - Show All Labor Actuals on the View Costs Dialog in Work Orders

October 16, 2017 TomRichardson

Is there a way to allow the View Costs screen in Work Order Tracking to show all Labor Actuals?


Maximo Users have asked this question and it is likely being asked because it is perceived as a bug or some kind of design oversight.  However, the likely reason that some Labor Actuals may not appear in the Work Order Tracking | View Costs dialog is because the Labor has not been approved yet, and this is due to specific configuration options.


There are configuration options for Labor in the Organizations application which determine whether or not Labor is automatically approved. Depending on what the selected options are, your Labor hours may not be set to automatically be approved.



If you view the Actuals | Labor tab on a Work Order, and expand the details for one of the rows in which you entered Actual Labor hours, you will see a checkbox labeled "Approved?" - if this unchecked, then you need to simply approve the labor in the Labor Reporting application.


Optionally, you can change the settings for Labor Options (illustrated above) in the Organizations application:

Select Action | Labor Options
Select the checkbox for one or both of the following options:

  • Automatically Approve Inside Labor Transactions
  • Automatically Approve Outside Labor Transactions

If you change any of the options in the Organizations application, you must Save the record.


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