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September 10, 2018 stephp

This time last year, the Grace Hopper conference was almost cancelled due to Hurricane Irma’s impact to Florida. Just a few weeks before, Hurricane Harvey had devastated Houston, TX, with unprecedented flooding.  Harvey impacted a woman on my own team, who has yet to move back into her damaged home. With the Grace Hopper conference returning to Houston this year, I’m looking forward to seeing how the city has recovered and connect with my friend.

I’m also eager to explore how technology can help communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters. That’s why I am incredibly proud that IBM has joined forces with the United Nations Human Rights Council, the American Red Cross, The Linux Foundation, and others to sponsor Call for Code, a global hackathon to create solutions for disaster preparedness and relief. IBM has a long history of applying technology for social good – so check out how to connect with us at the conference:

IBM recruiting booth

I’m thrilled that this year we’re adding technical demos to our IBM recruiting booth (#7242). We’ve got a virtual reality demo, and of course, swag!

Our developer advocacy team will be on site to show how you can easily create, modify, and destroy objects using only your voice in an immersive sandbox world, to build conversational interfaces using two Watson services: Speech-to-Text and Assistant. We’ll also share some of the top entries in the Call for Code hackathon. You can also practice design thinking with the leader of our front-end developer community, and learn more about the designer and front-end developer career path at IBM. Please stop by to say hello and see how developers are saving lives through technology.

Technology showcase: Quantum computing

Image of employees working

Imagine eventually combining Call for Code innovation with the power of a quantum computer. This year we’re bringing a model of a 50 qubit IBM Q system to the Grace Hopper Technology showcase (booth 9039). Quantum computers are real, and you don’t need a PhD or a fancy lab to use one. While traditional computers are restricted to interpreting zeroes and ones in off/on states, quantum computers have access to far greater computation states – opening up a new world of computation possibilities. Today, IBM has several real quantum devices and a simulator available for use through the cloud.

On Wednesday, September 26, at 2pm, IBM quantum computing experts will present at the Grace Hopper Technology Showcase Theater, demonstrating how to use Jupyter Notebooks and Qiskit, a Python-based quantum programming framework, to program a real quantum computer live. The interactive demo will show how to run Grover’s Search algorithm on an IBM Q quantum computer. Attendees will learn how to experiment with quantum computers for free via the IBM Q experience, which offers tutorials as well as a graphical user interface for coding quantum computers. Quantum is still in its infancy, but there are many ways computer scientists, coders, mathematicians, scientists, quantum enthusiasts, and tinkerers can all contribute to progressing this emerging field. Join us to learn how to get involved now and prepare for the era of quantum advantage.

IBM sessions on this year’s agenda

In addition to meeting us at the recruiting and technology showcase booths, check out the variety of sessions led by IBMers this year. New this year, you can preregister for sessions, so you might want to do that before they fill up.


Track Title Name Time & Place Location
Career Shattering the Mid-Management Barrier: Moving to an Executive Role Aarti Borkar, OM and Design, IBM Talent Management and Collaboration Solutions Thursday, September 27 Session Time: 11:15am-12:15pm and 4:30-5:30pm MMQ Texan Ballroom C
Career Give and Grow as a Leader on Nonprofit Boards Angela  Nickels, TSS Global Business Relationship Executive / Academy of Technology Leadership Team Friday, Sept. 28, 9-10am MMQ Texan Ballroom C
Human Computer Interaction The Next Frontier: Designing for Accessibility & Inclusion Dr. Ruoyi  Zhou, Director,  Accessibility Research Thursday, September 27, 9:45-10:05am GRB 310C
Security/Privacy Hidden Dependencies: Alice Built an App and Unwittingly Became Eve Dr. Gelareh Taban, Research Staff Member – Cloud Identity Thursday, September 27, 1:10-1:30pm GRB 360C
Artificial Intelligence Applied Artificial Intelligence: Using Computational Creativity to Create Music Anna Chaney, Watson Applied Research Thursday, September 27, 9:45-10:05am GRB General Assembly C
Cloud Computing Augmenting Cloud Computing with Edge Computing Bepsy Paul, Networking Services – IBM Cloud Thursday, September 27, 3:20-3:40pm GRB 362C
Career Find the Job That is Right for You Erin DiManno, Sr. HR Partner Wednesday, September 26, 2:30-3:30pm HIL Lanier B
Internet of Things/Wearable Technology Improving Eldercare using AI & IoT Susann  Keohane, Global Research Leader, Strategic Initiative on Aging | Master Inventor | Academy of Technology Member Friday, September 28, 12:20-12:40pm GRB 330A
Career Rising Above Obstacles Dr. Chinyere Nwabugwu Agunwa, Researcher, Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning Thursday, September 27, 10:35-10:55am  HIL Ballroom of Americas D
Products A to Z Get going with GitHub: Documentation is Code Leslie Lundquist, Content Architect, Network Tribe Friday, September 28, 9:50-10:10am GRB 362C
Human Computer Interaction/Accessibility and Inclusive Design Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate Accessibility Barriers? Dr. Shari Trewin,  RSM – Accessibility Research Wednesday, September 26, 12:15-1:15pm GRB General Assembly C
Products A to Z AI Product Management: Secrets from Proven Leaders Allie  Miller, Offering Manager, Watson Visual Recognition Wednesday, September 26, 12:15-1:15pm  GRB 310C


Come work with us!

I’m very proud of IBM’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. I was thrilled to be in the audience at last year’s Grace Hopper conference when we were honored with the Top Companies for Women Technologists Momentum award. We also received the prestigious Catalyst award for advancing women in business. Please check out some of the videos and stories below that showcase how many of us are doing our best work ever at IBM – we’d love to have you join us!

Also join our exclusive Talent Community to help prepare you for the best start to your career. You will receive information from IBM regarding up-skilling opportunities, interview process tips and tricks, stories from successful IBM employees currently working in your field. We’ll match your skills and interests to roles specifically for you, giving you exclusive access to our latest job opportunities.

IBMers make a real impact in the world – from helping cure cancer to cleaning oceans. We get to work as part of a truly open and collaborative culture – inclusion is more than just ‘joining a team.’  IBMers get to experience truly diverse and far-reaching careers – career infinence we like to call it – a marriage of infinite and experience.  Together, we inspire, innovate, and change the world.

Want to find out more about Women at IBM or Diversity at IBM? Visit our Women at IBM Jobs Blog and Diversity and Inclusion page.

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