Installing an Interim Fix in Maximo 7.5

January 27, 2017 Richard Lesses

NOTE: For Microsoft Windows 2008 users, you must log in as an administrator before you upgrade to a Maximo Asset Management interim fix pack. If you attempt to upgrade when you are not logged in as an administrator, the installation fails.

NOTE: The Interim Fix file should be copied to a location on the administrative workstation where Maximo is installed.

NOTE: Uninstall Information: This interim fix is provided to you as a Process Solution Installer (PSI) compressed zip file. When installed with PSI , it overwrites existing files in your existing directory structure and may contain database scripts that modify your database. If you want to reverse your changes, you must restore your backed-up versions of the Maximo directory and database.


Follow these steps to apply an Interim Fix:

  1. Ensure that no database configuration changes are pending.
  2. Shut down the Maximo application server.
  3. Back up the database.
  4. Make a backup of the the Maximo directory.
  5. Download the interim and copy it to the Maximo administrative workstation.
  6. Start the Process Solution Installer (PSI). Open the desktop folder Maximo Asset Management and click on the shortcut to Process Solution Installer -SMP. The installer can also be launched by starting an administrative command prompt and navigating to C:\ibm\SMP\bin and running solutionInstallerGUI.bat
  7. In the Introduction panel, click Next.
  8. In the Choose PSI Package panel, click Choose, then navigate to the interim fix file location, select the file, and click Open.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  10. Once the Interim Fix files have been installed, run the Update Database (updatedb.bat) utility. At a command prompt, change directory to <maximo root>\tools\maximo, for example, c:\IBM\SMP\maximo\tools\maximo. Run updatedb.bat.
  11. Apply any manual updates listed in this readme.html file. Information related to each APAR is found in the in the Manual Changes section.
  12. Delete the application server cache folders:
  13. For Oracle WebLogic Server, see Clearing the WebLogic 10 Cache.
  14. For IBM WebSphere Application Server, see Clearing WebSphere temporary file caches for Maximo Asset Management.
  15. Rebuild and redeploy the EAR files, and then restart the application server.

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