Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 012 released

January 27, 2017 Richard Lesses

The Interim Fix (IFIX) is available at Fix Central.


As with all IFIXes, Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 012 is cumulative and includes all fixes provided with MAM 7603 IFIX 011, with these additions:



Application Name



Activities and Tasks

In the Activities and Tasks application, when you send a communication template, no entry is made in the commlog.


System User Interface

In the Application Designer, when you remove the Radio Button from a cloned application, you cannot add buttons to that group.



In the Inventory application, when the Reorder point is -1 and quantity reserved is less than 1, no items are reordered.



In the Invoice application, when a purchase order has uninvoiced receipts, it can still be closed.


Job Plans

In the Job Plans application, when you select an action from a change task, the action is run twice.


Purchase Requisitions

In the Purchase Requisition application, when a requisition is at an approved status, you can still update the fields on the requisition.


System User Interface

In the Start Center, when messages are present in the Bulletin Board application, the Bulletin Board Count Tracking icon indicates that new messages are present. When you select the Bulletin Board Count Tracking icon and view each message, the icon is not instantly refreshed and still indicates that new messages are available.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, when a parent task has a customized crossover domain, you cannot create child tasks.



On the Classification dialog box, a record is only selected if you click the box next to the classification name.


System User Interface

The Next and Previous buttons on the Simple Header table do not work.


Application Designer

When you add a new field with the Application Designer, the Smart Fill check box always appears selected.


System Object

When you sync thousands of users with LDAPSYNC, an SQL exception occurs.


Preventive Maintenance

When you use a PM hierarchy to create work orders, not all child work orders are generated.


Conditional Expression Manager

When you use the &UNIQUEID& expression type, a syntax error occurs.



When a user session that uses LDAP authentication expires, a blank screen is displayed.


To install the IFIX, see Installing an Interim Fix in Maximo 7.6.

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