MAXIMO IOT Newsletter: August Edition - Your Monthly updates - All in one place

August 31, 2017 AlexandraDumitrascu


MAXIMO IoT Newsletter: August Edition - Your Monthly updates - All in one place


The IoT newsletter will be published monthly, this will be the perfect way to share with you our high value content, recent updates and any information you might have missed.


The main objective of this Newsletter is to give you a monthly peek with what's happening in the world of Maximo, value added contents such as videos, blogs, IFIX releases etc.


This month we have added a vast amount of YouTube Videos, make sure you do check them out..



Maximo Asset Management Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter

The IBM Maximo Asset Management Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter, is an excellent Technical newsletter which has been put together by our U.S. colleague, Jason O'Donnell and Denise McKinnon, here you will find  vast amount of knowledgeable information, that is available to you such as Latest Technotes and FAQs, Education and training Forums and Wikis. You are  guaranteed to find this Technical newsletter  a very  useful  source of information for you day to day need.


Direct Link to Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter - August 2017 Edition

imageIBM Support Interim Fix Pack Changes

Here you will find all the information you need to know about the changes to the interim fix pack delivery schedule more focus on the latest fix pack releases.

                      Direct Link to Interim Fix Pack Changes    


Most recent videos

In this section, you'll find the  top videos for this month released by our own team;  


Maximo - JSON Get Started 2


Direct Link to You Tube Video:



Maximo - Extracting Maximo 7.6 Packages in Red Hat Linux - by Richard Lesses

 Direct Link to You Tube Video:



Maximo -  Generating PM Alerts - by Stephan Lambert


   Direct Link to You Tube Video:


Maximo - Maximo 7608+ Setting Security Access for Work Centers - by Pam Denny


   Direct Link to You Tube Video:





Most recent blogs

Be sure to look out for our Blogs Posts


Post Author: Post Title:
Denise McKinnon Upcoming webcast - Streamline Your Maintenance and Service Scheduling with Maximo Scheduler & Maximo Scheduler Plus
Eugene Bonks Creating a separate Log file for OSLC API
Joao Maior Show and hide map layers using Maximo Security 
Pam Denny Setting security to Maximo Work Centers with templates
Benoit Cotnoir IBM Watson IoT Maximo Asset Management 7.5 Upgrade Bridge Support
Alice Degawa BMXAA4049E - The value specified exceeds the maximum field length
Shane Howard Maximo Anywhere Work Execution is now available on the App Store!
Kim Woodbury Looking for Feedback
Yalcin Kumbasar Checking if an Attribute Exists or Not on an Object via Automation Scripts
Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 015 released
Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 009 released
Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 005 released
Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 002 released


New Releases

For each Maximo TPAE version

Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 015 released
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 009 Released
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 005 released
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 002 released



Most recent News and Flashes

Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2.x compatibility with Maximo Asset Management version 7.5.x will be discontinued on April 30, 2018 unless extended support is purchased

Security Bulletin: IBM Maximo Asset Management could allow an authenticated user to manipulate work orders to forge emails which could be used to conduct further 
advanced attacks (CVE-2017-1357)

Security Bulletin: IBM Maximo Asset Management is vulnerable to cross-site scripting (CVE-2016-5905)

IBM Watson Internet of Things Support Social Media Channels



Most recent Technotes

'To Location' field accepts Null value even after making mandatory

JVM Configuration parameter -Xdisableexplicitgc

Job Plan Classifications Field is Read Only

Columns are missing in Object Structure for custom views

Korean characters are broken when opening the .csv file downloaded from the Result Set

tdtoolkit utility may change the length of fields being updated

How to display Route-associated PM information in "View Work Details" dialog

Removing "New User? Register Now" link from the login window

Item still showing even with Global Restriction

"Clear Filter Fields" icon is disabled when you search using "More Search Field"

Attached document cannot be viewed

Missing Data in "View Asset Status History" in Asset

In Maximo 7.6 Start Center result set portlet filters not open by default

Can we change the sequence of the common actions or move a common action to other actions?

Unable to locate the License Usage Monitor application from administration module

Data Sheet Template - The field lengths are too small to be legible

Duplicate Work Order and Assigned Another Asset (For Example Y), the Tasks in New Work Order Record Has Assigned Asset X

Maximo 7.6 Cognos BI Server Integration Installation Instructions

Applying Maximo fixpack or later can fail in patch V7603_19

BMXAA4350E - The workflow process MFMAILRCV cannot be started in the background

Maximo VMMSYNC crontask won't synchronize 'employeeNumber' property to table

Whether Maximo Web Service support proxy server

BMXAT0301E - The Structured Format Cannot Be Used

Getting the Inventory records' Shrinkage Account updated

Unable to propagate events for inventory as a child object of item when using MIF

Maximo and Cognos supported integration options

Message "Error 503 The server encountered an unknown error" When Saving a Changed Query

BMXAA4049E - The Value Specified Exceeds The Maximum Field Length

Remarks Deleted From Field Once Save Is Done

Data is not displayed correctly when clicking on chart values in Result Set

Assignment Manager application cannot be selected for a Result Set portlet

Maximo upgrade can fail in WriteReportProperties

How to apply database scripts using RunScriptFile

Error BMXAA4216E Unknown Object after upgrading Maximo to

New Install Oracle DB error CTGIN5398E ORA-01017. Is SYSDBA required?

Maximo Google map display issue


Problem Solving Resources

Lists the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in answering your questions.
Gathering this data before calling IBM support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.
Gathering this data before calling IBM support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.
Gathering this data before calling IBM support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.
The links below include useful Maximo 7.5 content and currently available 7.5 product downloads.
This page include various documentation links.



Thank you for  taking the time to look at our August 2017 Newsletter - please take a look at all our links below;

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