MAXIMO IOT Newsletter: June Edition - Your Monthly updates - All in one place

June 28, 2017 Ghazala


MAXIMO IoT Newsletter: June Edition - Your Monthly updates - All in one place


The IoT newsletter will be published monthly, this will be the perfect way to share with you our high value content, recent updates and any information you might have missed.


The main objective of this Newsletter is to give you a monthly peek with what's happening in the world of Maximo, value added contents such as videos, blogs, IFIX releases etc.


This month we have added a vast amount of YouTube Videos, make sure you do check them out..





Maximo Asset Management Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter

The IBM Maximo Asset Management Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter, is an excellent Technical newsletter which has been put together by our U.S. colleague, Jason O'Donnell and Denise McKinnon, here you will find  vast amount of knowledgeable information, that is available to you such as Latest Technotes and FAQs, Education and training Forums and Wikis. You are  guaranteed to find this Technical newsletter  a very  useful  source of information for you day to day need.


Direct Link to Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter - June 2017 Edition



imageIBM Support Interim Fix Pack Changes

Here you will find all the information you need to know about the changes to the interim fix pack delivery schedule more focus on the latest fix pack releases.

                      Direct Link to Interim Fix Pack Changes     


Top Videos For This Month

In this section, you'll find the  top videos for this month released by our own team;  


Maximo - Demo of Maximo QBR Dynamic Query Configuration  - By Pam Denny


Direct Link to You Tube Video:



Maximo - Introducing Maximo QBR Dynamic Query Configuration - By Pam Denny


         Direct Link to You Tube Video:



Maximo - New Inspection Work Centers in 7608 - By Vinicius Garmatz



   Direct Link to You Tube Video:







Top Blogs of the Month

Be sure to look out for our  Blogs Posts



Post Author: Post Title:

Richard Lesses

Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 018 released 

Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 013 released 

Leandro Garcia

Custom labels are overwritten after running TDToolkit 

Leandro Garcia

Cron tasks are not auto initiating 

Tiago Scarton

How to configure Maximo Spatial maps for mobile devices. 

Andrew L

Webinar: Improve your Performance with the New Inspection Work Centers in Maximo 

Alice Degawa

Performance issue while creating Desktop Requisition in Maximo 7.6 

Richard Lesses

Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 007 Released 

Pam Denny

BiLog: New Maximo 7608 Ad Hoc reporting features 

Naeem Khawar

In Anywhere 7.6 does a photo taken from an iOS device get compressed? 

Pete Halbeisen

HOWTO: Throwing a Warning Dialog in an Automation Script 

Pete Halbeisen

HOWTO: Maximo Email: Retrieving the Office 365 SSL Certificate 

Alice Degawa

GL Account merge issue after changing GL Account structure 

Alice Degawa

Hourly Rate calculation method in Crews application 

Richard Lesses

View from Systems: Some Handy Links for Maximo 7.6 

Benoit Cotnoir

Index of Blogs Published by Benoit Cotnoir 

Benoit Cotnoir

Essential Service Delivered By Accelerated Value Leaders and Accelerated Value Specialists 

Yalcin Kumbasar

Creating a JSON String from JSON Object and JSON Arrays in Automation Scripts 

Richard Lesses

Installing Maximo Asset Management 7.6 (Windows) from Start to Finish (2017 edition) 
Shane Howard Installing a MobileFirst Interim Fix? Don't forget to sync up Maximo Anywhere as well. 
Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 012 Released 
Richard Lesses About IBM Maximo Linear Management 
Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 017 Released 
Richard Lesses Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 013 released 
Roberto Palma Attribute can be deleted with active Launch Point associated 
Roberto Palma About grouping PM generation into to generate at a time 
Roberto Palma Save icon not enabled after updating HTML in Communication Template. 
Roberto Palma BMXAA2256E - Field Signature Option is read-only. 


New Releases

For each Maximo TPAE versions

Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 018 released 
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 013 released 
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 017 Released
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 013 released 
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 012 Released 
Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 007 Released 




Most recent News and Flashes


Security Bulletin: IBM Maximo Asset Management could allow a remote attacker to hijack a user's session, caused by the failure to invalidate an existing session identifier (CVE-2016-9977)

Security Bulletin: A security vulnerability has been identified in IBM WebSphere Application Server shipped with Asset and Service Management (CVE-2017-1137)

Security Bulletin: IBM Maximo Asset Management generates error messages that could reveal sensitive information that could be used in further attacks against the system (CVE-2017-1292)



Problem Solving Resources

Lists the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in answering your questions.
Gathering this data before calling IBM support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.
Gathering this data before calling IBM support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.
Gathering this data before calling IBM support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.
The links below include useful Maximo 7.5 content and currently available 7.5 product downloads.
This page include various documentation links.



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