Maximo Spatial Series #3: Getting your Maps ready!

April 6, 2017 Suraj Singh

Hello Everyone!

Now that we have installed, and we have updated all our applications(including the customized apps),  it's time to finally get our Maps ready!

I would like to lead you to do some preliminary steps before we proceed on getting your map ready for Spatial!


One of the major new functionalities introduced within Maximo Spatial 7.6 is the usage of Feature Services. This allows us to easily bring data into Maximo from your Feature Service. To store the records, we create a GIS Object that holds the information you choose to bring in, and also use this to set your relationship to link to each GIS feature. You can follow the steps outlined within this blog ​that will guide you through the following:

1) Creating a new Map in Map Manager

2) Adding your Map Services

3) Creating your GIS Objects

4) Configuring the relationship between Maximo and GIS


After completing this - you should be able to successfully see a Map. However, your next question would be: Where are the Spatial tools?



Well I'm glad you asked!

Let's now add the Spatial items to the toolbar:

1) Go to the application designer application

2) Search for the application you're working with. (In our case SR)

3) Click on the Map tab

4) Right-click on the Map component - and click Properties



5) Under the tool Items - Search for all the values that the provider is "Maximo Spatial", and check the box.



Be sure the go to the next page of the Tool items until you select all you need.  When you're finished selecting, close the dialog and this will be saved automatically.


That's it! If we go to the SR app - or any other application you used to do this, when you click the Map Tab, we will see our tools:



Thanks for reading! Join me on the next one!


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