Oil & Gas Industry Achieve Operational Excellence With IBM Maximo

January 19, 2017 TejaswiniUL

IBM Maximo Asset Management (or ‘Maximo’ in short) is an integrated key productivity tool and a database designed to manage all the asset types of an organization in one single solution platform. Maximo, built on a SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) delivers a complete view of all asset types, their locations and conditions, work processes that support them and also provides control, optimal planning, compliance capability and audit.


Maximo database provides crucial information about asset resources, their configuration, key attributes and their logical and physical relationships to other resources.


Using Maximo user interface, you can build Key Performance Indicators(KPI) to manage asset locations and their conditions, and generate automated action depending on the changes. You can create, monitor, notify, assign and report on important process components right from beginning to end point such as purchase orders, work orders, service desk tickets, including status, and so forth. For better productivity and communication in future aspects, you can add attachments, urls, pictures and maps to each task or record. All these aspects are detailed in IBM Maximo Training in a clear and precise manner.


Galvanic Presence Of Maximo In Oil & Gas Industry:


Maximo for oil & gas company adds a feather of industry-specific performance to Maximo Asset Management, by that delivering the following functionalities or capabilities that are designed to gear up operational excellence.


  • Asset Management: Capable in handling detailed information of assets, which includes hierarchy modeling from enterprise to sub-assemblies, metering, condition monitoring, costing, hazards and precaution management, location management and rich work order history.

  • Action Tracking: Actions that come out from internal reviews and regulatory audits are tracked and provides a procedure ensuring that the recommendations and findings of external and internal audits are tracked and managed to closure.

  • Competency Management: Functionalities like adding, updating and modifying workforce competencies help in competency. Furthermore, Maximo for oil and gas can connect competency requirements and certificate requirements to permit and ensure identification and validation of competency requirements on work orders and job plans.

  • Condition For Work: Maximo accumulates similar jobs that span group of assets, assets, individual locations and areas and helps in supporting opportunity maintenance. Finding out work that can be combined into unplanned or planned work can increase efficiency and equipment reliability.

  • Control Of Work: Maximo ensures improvements in safety, communication , efficiency and collaboration between maintenance and operations through certificate requirements in work orders and job plans.

  • Contract Management: Maximo solution provides many types of contracts for overhaul materials and services, repair and maintenance. Types of contracts are master contracts, lease and rental contracts, warranty contracts, payment schedules, purchase contracts, labour rate contracts and terms & conditions.image

  • Defect Elimination: An integrated approach of maximo enables the management eliminate mechanical defects. With this approach, maintenance and operations team can record machine defects in real time, providing a better communication between various domains and helps in ensuring high service levels.

  • Calibration: Calibration processes are automated, allows traceability, helps in improving work planning and compliance management. With the explosion in the equipment devices, viewing of calibration work with other works helps in stimulating efficiency leading to positive impact on equipment reliability.

  • GIS Spatial Integration: Many Oil and Gas companies use GIS(Graphical Information Systems) application for storing and recording asset information that is a valuable aspect for asset management system. IBM Maximo integrates with other GIS systems of the company to provide spatial visualization and analysis of asset objects and work. In addition, bidirectional data exchange of valuable work and asset information between the GIS system and IBM Maximo.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are other concentric areas like Procurement, Risk Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, Investigations, Incident Management, Failure reporting, IBM Integrated Information Framework Integration, Materials Management, Operator’s Log, Linear Asset Modeling, Risk Matrices and Solutions wherein Maximo is the reason for effective operational excellence achievement by Oil & Gas industry.



Oil & Gas industry is a critical sector for any nation and Maximo is supporting this sector facing evolving and complex issues in operational processes. Maximo solution provides necessary Internet of Things (IoT) applications in collecting valuable information, knowledge, improving operational efficiency, operate and manage mission-critical assets productively and safely. As oil and gas companies are growing though at a slower rate, but have smarter software solutions like Maximo for new upcoming projects in this energy space.


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