Out of the box(OOB) Maximo BIRT reports location on Maximo Installation Server

January 31, 2017 JulietM

Have you ever wondered whether the OOB BIRT reports are stored anywhere else on a Maximo server? And have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to obtain them, other than exporting them each time, using the export utilities?


Wonder no more!

If you can use Remote Desktop, or get access to the Maximo server, and navigate to <drive letter>\:IBM\SMP\Maximo\reports\BIRT\reports folder, here you will find subfolders that mimic all of Maximo applications you should currently have access to. If you wish to obtain an OOB .rptdesign file from, let's say, WOTRACK(Work Order Tracking) application, simply click on this subfolder and within you'll find woprint.rptdesign(work order details report design file).


From here, a developer can copy these files and import them to the Birt Designer to edit/customize to meet their company's requirements. You can also use these report design files(*.rptdesign) to back up your OOB reports for future use.


Whatever the reason you require these OOB Birt files, they are easily accessible and now you know where to get them.


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