Maximo Spatial Series #1: Installing Maximo Spatial on Maximo TPAE

April 4, 2017 Suraj Singh

Hello Everyone!

Over the next few days/weeks, I will be sharing with you some information regarding Maximo Spatial 7.6, and more specifically ​If you are now installing Spatial you can take a look at our Maximo Spatial Wiki's Spatial Matrix to keep an eye on supported versions:

Maximo Spatial Matrix

​From my previous post, most of you are already aware of the Spatial release. To deliver good news, I wanted to let everyone know that Maximo Spatial is now supported against TPAE! You will need an IFIX on TPAE to make use of Below are the steps:

​1)  Download the latest IFIX (minimum IF007)

For Spatial:
1) Download the latest Spatial Fixpack
​2) Download the latest Spatial IFIX

After downloading, we do need to do some manual steps:

1) We will need to Set the environment variables to the following:
​a) On Windows CTG_BYPASS_PREREQ_CHECK = true
Variable names are case sensitive - and after applying, a restart will be required.


2) Install the IBM Maximo Asset Management IFIX (downloaded above under "For TPAE ")

3) Install the IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management Fixpack (downloaded above under "For Spatial" - #1 ) 

4) Install the IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management IFIX (downloaded above under "For Spatial" - #2 ).


Finally, when this is completed successfully you can follow the final steps regarding the API:

5) Remove the following directory:

6) Copy all the files in the following directory:

and paste the files into this directory:


When this is completed, you can proceed to complete the following:
​1) Run UpdateDB
​2) Build your Maximo EAR file.
​3) Redeploy your Maximo EAR.


Success! You should now have Maximo Spatial with your TPAE Maximo! 

Keep an eye out for this series, as we will go through a lot more new functionalities available with Spatial!  ​Happy Mapping!


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