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April 19, 2017 S.Lsysadm

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The other day I was working with a customer who was having an issue with displaying Topology tab in Assets in Maximo , it used work fine in but no longer in

In Maximo Topology tab was displayed after following this technote: but in Maximo, despite following the technote, Topology tab is still missing including in Application Designer.


Here are the steps that I have taken to resolve the problem.















The following troubleshooting steps have been carried out to fix the problem.  


1. Export Asset.xml's from build and from 

2. Compare both presentation xml's using Beyond Compare tool and search for label = Topology. You will find out tab id="asset_assettopology" label="Topology" is missing in Maximo





Here is the full piece of xml code which is missing in Maximo for Asset Topology. 


<tab id="asset_assettopology" label="Topology" sigoption="ASTOPVWR" sigoptiondatasrc="mainrecord"> 

<section id="asset_assettopology_grid1"> 

<sectionrow id="asset_assettopology_grid1_11"> 

<sectioncol id="asset_assettopology_grid1_11_1"> 

<multiparttextbox dataattribute="assetnum" descdataattribute="description" descinputmode="readonly" id="asset_assettopology_grid1_1" inputmode="readonly"/> 


<sectioncol id="asset_assettopology_11_2"> 

<textbox dataattribute="siteid" id="asset_assettopology_11_2_1_1" inputmode="readonly"/> 






You will also find out that Topology applet is missing in Maximo





Here is the full piece of xml code which is missing in Maximo for Topology applet. 

<asttopo appname="ASSET" assetlocrelation="ASSETLOCRELATION" height="700" id="asset_assettopoapplet" movetopopuptarget="asset_movetoassetdatasrc" nodepopuptarget="asset_assettopodatasrc" sigoption="ASTOPVWR" sigoptiondatasrc="mainrecord" tabgroupid="maintabs" tabid="asset_assettopology" width="100%"/> 


3. Edit the Asset.xml from build and add the above missing piece of code --> Save changes  

4. Go to App Designer --> Assets --> Import the edited asset.xml via App Designer and save changes








5. Sign out and log back into Maximo and Go to Asset in Application Designer, you will see that Topology tab is now displayed.








However in Assets application, Topology tab will still not be displayed yet.  


6. Now apply instructions described on this technote in build


NOTE: At this stage you will notice that Topology Viewer Presentation sigoption is also missing in 7607.  

7. Add this sigoption in App Designer for Asset and save changes
























8. Apply again instructions in this Technote and save changes 

9. Log out and Sign back into Maximo  

10. Go to Assets --> You will see Topology tab is finally displayed




That's all for today, I hope this was informative and helpful.

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