Missing InterConnect 2016?  So Are We!

March 15, 2016 Stacey Miller


As always, InterConnect was packed with excellent speakers; and choosing sessions was not always an easy task.  Interloc was pleased to have 5 client speakers during the conference discussing successful Maximo and Mobility projects.  If you missed any of these dynamic sessions, read on.

Methanex Maximo Governance modelHow Methanex Supports Maximo Around the World

When you are the world’s largest producer and supplier of methanol to major international markets in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America, and you run IBM Maximo in your plants supporting hundreds of users, you need a support partner you trust. Join Methanex as they share their secrets to keeping Maximo humming safely and reliably seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide.



What Does Internet of Things Do For the Maximo Rail Customer?

What Does Internet of Things Do for the Maximo Rail Customer?

From reliability and uptime to implementation of best practices, the rail industry relies on Maximo. Whether it’s predictive maintenance complete with track sensors or inspectors that capture data in real-time with mobility, it’s imperative that processes and tools are used to ensure customer security. Join us to discuss how railroaders are getting the most from their CMMS. 



Problem Solving with Maximo in the Federal Space

Leidos: Problem Solving with Maximo in the Federal Space

Do you ever wonder how organizations like the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can meet their exacting service level agreements (SLAs) and real-time reporting requirements for thousands of devices across a myriad of locations? Join R.T. Carter, Leidos, and Jason VenHuizen, Interloc Solutions, as they discuss the implementation of a high-value enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that did just that and more. Learn how you too, can experience 100% user acceptance for your EAM solution, with real-time visibility, while meeting federal security requirements (NIST 800.53 R4) and business demands. 


Multitenancy, Maximo, and Hosting - Cromwell Offers It All!Multitenancy, Maximo, and Hosting? Cromwell Offers It All!

 Cromwell, one of the largest worldwide facilities service organizations, offer Maximo to service providers and end users via their own hosted environment. As one of the first implementers of Maximo 7.6 including multi-tenancy on DB2, they have a vested interest in getting the job done right. every time. They are offering tenancy templates to new clients and are planning to continue their standardized use of Maximo as they grow their tenant base. Erik Swindle of Cromwell will discuss his company's approach, use of Maximo and experience in performing their Maximo 7.6 multi-tenancy implementation, and ongoing use in supporting their facility management business model.  


The "Terminal of Choice" at John F. Kennedy International Airport Chooses IBM MaximoThe "Terminal of Choice" at John F. Kennedy International Airport Chooses IBM Maximo

 New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport International Air Terminal 4 (JFKIAT4) is the "terminal of choice," and they chose IBM Maximo for their enterprise asset management (EAM) solution. Come to this session to see how this facility is using Maximo to continue to provide the finest experience to its customers, and learn the three best reasons for using Maximo to maintain asset excellence at airports. This session will focus on how JFKIAT4 developed a balanced scorecard to track new key performance indicators, and designed a system to proactively manage work requests through incident management.

In addition to these sessions, Interloc was fortunate to have two additional sessions selected by the InterConnect content team. 

Improved Customer Service Through Maximo Mobility and Twitter Improved Customer Service Through Maximo Mobility and Twitter

Superior customer service is of utmost importance to every business.  What if you could integrate the Maximo self service requestor with a simple mobile app or a Twitter feed? Now you can!  Join Jason VenHuizen as he discusses how you can become a world class business with a few simple tools!




5 Considerations for Better Maximo Mobility with Mobile Informer

5 Considerations for Better Maximo Mobility with Mobile Informer

Come to Interloc's Expo session to learn the 5 simple considerations you should take into account to get better Maximo mobility.  Find out how Interloc's customers are achieving their goals of security, performance, and user acceptance.





From an amazing Elton John concert to 200+ Maximo sessions and networking events, we can hardly wait until next year!

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